Your Weekend Hiking Guide / CA's Eviction Moratorium Has Ended

Happy Almost Weekend! It's Friday, October 1, 2021

Hey, San Francisco!

Matt Charnock here — The SF Minute's second guest editor. Some of you might know me as the human behind The Bold Italic and SFist (on the weekends). TBH, I’m just glad to be here and for the free snacks.

Now, on to some outdoor content. And… well, a bit of important news.

So… I turned 30 years old yesterday. A milestone birthday in its own right — and one that offers brief validation for a wide array of festivities, several of which could involve copious amounts of alcohol or questionable bedroom behavior. But I chose to welcome this new decade of my life in a familiar fashion. 

I hiked for two hours Thursday, instead of getting over-served at The Cinch Saloon. I communed with the natural world, rather than thumbing my way through a dating app.

It’s almost too easy to forget that San Francisco has over 150 public parks, many of which contain glorious hiking trails. A good number of those trails put hikers in the way of breathtaking views of San Francisco (and the Bay Area).

Regardless of any single trail’s length or toughness, simply getting outside can help put your mind at ease and quell your anxieties and boost your overall mood. This is, in fact, scientifically proven. When we increasingly urban creatures engage with our biophilia — the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings — our lives improve.

Our shoulders drop. Our brows unfurl. We feel lighter. We breathe easier.

I suggest we all take this weekend to wind down and kiki with Mother Nature, all while exploring new facets of San Francisco. And because I cut my teeth stringing together somewhat desirable sentences, I’ve been fortunate enough to write about much of San Francisco’s urban wilderness.

Here are some of my favorite hiking passageways that you could walk this weekend. (But remember: There’s a Spare the Air Alert for parts of the Bay Area Saturday, so it’d be wise to check PurpleAir readings before lacing up those shoes.)

  • The Mount Sutro Hill Open Space Reserve Historic Trail is gorgeous and feels very much like Taylor Swift wrote a good chunk of folklore while inside this chunk of forest.

  • Heron's Head Park has a few walking paths that won’t put too much stress on your lower body — but will absolutely put you in the way of gorgeous views of the San Francisco Bay.

  • While the Battery to Bluffs Trail is by no means a well-kept secret, it, nevertheless, offers two trailheads at Lincoln Boulevard that give a perched view of the Pacific; the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands sit to the northwest; it’s a whole vibe.

  • The Philosopher’s Way Trail at John McLaren Park is known for helping squeeze out contemplative juices and not let trivial woes get the better of you; there’s a level of stillness here that is becoming rarer by the day in San Francisco.

  • Kite Hill doesn’t get the same recognition as Twin Peaks — its sister apexes that sit a mile’s walk away — but it’s still an SF hiking touchstone that shouldn’t go unturned.

For more SF hiking options, search through AllTrails, which has over 80 curated trails that span the city’s 36 neighborhoods.

More Weekend Activities and Happenings…

  • While we’re on the topic of getting outdoors: Don’t forget to take advantage of our City’s Slow Street corridors, especially the one along the Upper Great Highway that’s open to pedestrians starting from noon Friday to 6 a.m. Monday.

  • There’s going to be an art walk on 24th Street tomorrow (that starts at noon and ends around 5 p.m.) which will have local artists showcasing works at storefronts like Alley Cat Bookstore & Gallery, Sirron Norris Studio, and others.

  • If you're craving dim sum, there’s an all-you-can-eat dim sum party at Osmanthus Dim Sum Lounge Saturday night.

  • For those interested in helping keep the Sunset as trash-free as possible, there’s a community clean-up tomorrow morning; fill out this Google Form to mark yourself as a volunteer so organizers know how many sets of tools and trash bags to bring.

Oh… and we made a small blunder Wednesday when we said Birdsong earned its first Michelin star this year. It, actually, received another star this year — which is more reason to visit the SoMa eatery (or any one of SF’s other Michelin-starred restaurants) this weekend.

A Bit of Important News…

It’s official: CA’s statewide eviction moratorium is now over, leaving millions of tenants in limbo. In June, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to extend the rent moratorium locally until the end of the year.

District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston authored that legislation… which state lawmakers eventually over-ruled. Suffice to say that it’s a scary, uncertain time for many leaseholders here in San Francisco — a city where over 65% of households rent homes. 

This great article from CalMatters gives a good synopsis on the crisis at hand, as well as offers links to resources that can help renters who’ve fallen behind on payments.

Have a great evening and enjoy the weekend. See y’all Monday! — Matt Charnock

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