Weekend guide / Support your local boba shop and explore Bayside Saturdays

It's Friday, April 16th.

Hey there, San Francisco. 

Happy Friday. And sorry that this is a little later than normal. I was off getting my first shot! 

So it’s with a sore left arm that I bring to you some things to consider this weekend… 

⚫️ Support your local boba shop. As you’ve probably heard by now, a serious boba shortage may soon be upon us. So maybe it would be nice to stop by your local boba shop and order something… other than boba? Chronicle writer David Deloso suggested cheese foam. I always liked almond jelly myself! 

🏊‍♀️ Book your lane. Public pools are starting to open back up in San Francisco. It looks like we’re too late to book a spot for this weekend, but registration just opened up this morning to secure a lane over the next couple of weeks. Here’s a link to check out the available times and locations. 

🗑 Activate your street. This week, we spoke to the founder of Clean Streets, a project aimed at ridding San Francisco’s streets of litter. For a monthly fee, residents can “activate” their blocks by paying a Clean Streets staff member to come and pick up garbage for one, two, or up to seven days a week. You can also donate money to have trash on other blocks picked up as well. 

Anyways, as your resident trash kook, I had to include this one. I think it’s a great concept, and it’s already creating jobs! If you’re interested to learn how much it would cost for Clean Streets to clean your block, you can reach out to them here

🎨 Check out Bayside Saturdays! Along the India Basin & Hunter’s Point waterfront each Saturday in April there’s a “choose your own adventure” community event filled with live music, fitness classes, and art installations. I also heard from a local last night that the Bayview Quick Build bike and pedestrian path, which is filled with art and right where Bayside Saturdays take place, is really nice and worth a visit. 

🌮 Grab Mexican food. Eater updated its top Mexican restaurants list for San Francisco on Friday and I was pleasantly surprised that I had not tried several of the spots. Not that I need more inspiration to eat tacos and such, but I think I might have found it. 

🚈 Set up your Clipper card on your iPhone. On Thursday, the news dropped that you can now add your Clipper card to your Apple Wallet, meaning you can start to pay fares using your iPhone or Apple Watch! Not to give you too much work, but this is pretty exciting. Maybe take a couple of minutes this weekend to go digital. 

And finally… Shout out to Alex and Dylan for showing up to The SF Minute’s inaugural trash pick-up this morning. It was fun to get out there and I think we filled up six or seven garbage bags.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, as we were finishing up, we bumped into a 311 worker who let us dump all our trash into the back of her truck. Talk about some serious serendipity! 

Also, we had the idea that whoever’s new to the cleanup, we’ll go to their neighborhood next. So when we do this again (and I’ll let you know when that is), we’ll start near Alex’s block. 

That’s all for today! Ah, one more thing. Thank you, thank you to everyone who filled out the quick survey yesterday. I think we had around 70 responses and the feedback is super helpful. 

If you haven’t filled it out and have 20 seconds or so, give it a go

Thanks, everyone! Have a great weekend. - Nick B. 

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