Weekend guide / Skating in GGP and climbing Mt. Davidson

It's Friday, March 19th.

Hey there, San Francisco. 

This weekend is typically a tricky one for me. It’s my wife’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Kelsey!).  But it’s also my favorite few days in sports—the start of the NCAA basketball tournament when games are back-to-back-to-back and upsets are everywhere. 

Luckily, this year, her alma mater Illinois is a top seed and has a chance to win-it-all. Go Illini!! 

In the men’s tournament, no Bay Area teams made it this year. On the women’s side, though, Stanford is a one seed and UC Davis (Go Aggies!) is a twelve seed.

Best of luck to those teams, and to you out there! May your brackets be strong, especially if you picked Illinois to go far! 

And now… as we do each Friday… here are some things to consider checking out this weekend: 

⛰ Hike (or run!) up Mt. Davidson. Ultrarunner Luke Wicker recently ran up 76 peaks across San Francisco in one-day (a 65-mile trek that took him 13-hours) and at the end of it, he confirmed that Mt. Davidson was his favorite. It’s also the tallest peak in the city, a fun fact that’s perhaps not widely known. “Everyone goes to Twin Peaks thinking that’s the tallest point,” Wicker recently told the Chronicle on a podcast recorded at the top of Mt. Davidson. “And if you’re a San Franciscan, maybe you already know that this is [the tallest].” 

🍓 Go to a farmer’s market. Nothing necessarily new here, but Eater put together a nice, comprehensive list this week of farmer’s markets in the city. It’s a good reminder to get out there and try the spring asparagus, artichokes, and avocados that should be in season right now. 

🥖 Grab a hoagie from Palm City Wines in the Sunset (on Irving Street near 42nd Ave). This place has been on my radar for a while now, but The Six Fifty’s story this week about the Pacifica-based bakery behind Palm City’s hoagie rolls really made me want to give it a try. The Roasted Cauliflower and Italian American hoagies look particularly good (IMO)! 

🕺 Correction! If you were thinking of dusting off those old skates this weekend and heading to the Church of 8 Wheels, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait. Earlier this week, we highlighted a Datebook article that said the indoor rink had opened last Friday and would start operating at a limited capacity. 

But it looks like City Attorney Dennis Herrera didn’t agree with the Church of 8 Wheels classifying itself as an “indoor gym.” Instead, Herrera said the rink fell under the "family entertainment” category, which doesn’t allow it to open until San Francisco enters the “yellow tier.” 

"Well folks, no harm no foul!!!" proprietor David Miles wrote on the venue's Facebook page. "The Church of 8 Wheels didn't get fined or anything like that. They treated us just like they do all business[es] during these trying times."

If you’re really itching to lace up, Miles hosts an event in Golden Gate Park at Skatin’ Place (near Kennedy Drive and 6th Ave) on Friday nights from 5 pm until around 10 pm. Miles told me those Friday night skates have been “booming,” with upwards of 100 people coming out in costumes and light-up skates. 

“It’s exactly like the Church of 8 Wheels, only it’s free and it’s outside,” Miles said. It’s also BYOS (bring your own skates). 

On Sunday afternoons, at the same place in the park, there’s also a longstanding free skate that Miles helps run, which goes from about 1 pm to 8 pm. Recently, Mayor Breed even joined in

😋 Make some macaroons! My good friend Sam Tobis took over Oakland’s Grand Bakery back in 2017 and recently, ahead of Passover (which starts on March 27th), he shared the bakery’s macaroon recipe with the Chronicle. “It’s crispy and crunchy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside; sweet and coconut-forward,” Tobis said. 

Macaroons, which don’t contain yeast, are often a dessert favorite at Passover meals, or Seders. “We’re celebrating freedom from slavery,” he told the Chronicle. “It’s supposed to be decadent.” 

🚮 And finally… I know I’m becoming a bit of a trash pickup nut, so I appreciate you bearing with me! But I wanted to let you know that the Bernal Cut Neighborhood Alliance is hosting a cleanup day this Saturday from 10 am to noon. 

You can meet the group at the Richland Bridge (by the garbage can at the intersection of Richland and the Bernal Cut Path). The group, with help from the Department of Public Works, will provide gloves, garbage bags, and basic cleaning and graffiti removal supplies. They plan to do some weeding and mulching as well. 

One Bernal Cut member Sophie Constantinou recently told me that the group tries to focus their pickups in different parts of the neighborhood each month, but ultimately, they “go where the garbage is.” 

If you do end up going this Saturday morning (it should be nice and sunny!), you’ll need to fill out this DPW safety form beforehand. 

Alright, that’s all for today! Thank you everyone for sharing The SF Minute with friends and family. You guys are the best! 

If you haven’t already, send me an email (nick@thesfminute.com) to let me know you spread the word. I’ll be picking three lucky winners at the end of today to win a shiny, new trash bucket and some gloves (I told you, I’m becoming a nut). 

But seriously, thank you all. We are now up to 800+ subscribers and there’s no way we would have grown that fast without you all talking up the newsletter. 

Have a great weekend! - Nick B. 

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