Weekend guide / Mural walks and gardening class for renters

It's Friday, April 9th

Happy Friday, San Francisco. 

It’s Masters weekend, so I might be glued to the golf on Saturday and Sunday. It IS a tradition unlike any other, so can you blame me? 

But, since I write a local newsletter and should get off the couch at some point, here are some things around the city that might be worth checking out this weekend… 

🥘 Restaurant Week officially kicks off on Friday, which means 150 restaurants around the city have signed up to offer new (and sometimes discounted) prix-fixe meals. Eater put together a good list of lunches and dinners that may come in handy for ya. In general, I love the idea of prix-fixe lunches and dinners that don’t cost hundreds of dollars. It’s a great way to check out new restaurants! 

Speaking of food, a reminder that the New Belgium brewpub in Mission Bay opens today. Their website says no reservations, walk-ins only, so it might be worth swinging by. If anyone goes and gets the burger, please report back! 

Also, through Substack, I can see popular links that people click and I’m pretty sure this Eater article about the top fried chicken spots in SF broke a record for The Minute. So, just resurfacing in case you’re still having fried chicken cravings. 

🍖 One more food suggestion if you’re looking for a bit of an adventureBlack Star Pirate BBQ located “behind the Richmond refineries” in the East Bay. The SF Gate just published a big profile on Black Star today and it looks magical. There’s Burning Man art, a bunch of outdoor seating, and the food looks good too! 

👩‍🎨 Go mural hunting. Broke-Ass Stuart wrote an article today highlighting the organization Paint the Void, which has commissioned over 100 murals across the Bay Area during the shelter-in-place lockdowns. The group put together a cool map, so you can track down the street art they’ve commissioned. Maybe don’t take a selfie in front of all of them, but it could be fun to walk, run, or bike to a few of your favorites! 

🌻 Take a gardening class...for renters! The Ecology Center in Berkeley is putting on a Zoom class this Saturday at 11 am to teach people how to start a garden on a balcony or hanging off a back door or anywhere really where space is limited. “Are you a renter who wants to grow a garden? No yard? No extra money? No problem!” the event page reads. I like the woman’s name who’s leading the workshop: Lori “Compost Gal” Caldwell. 

I caught up quickly today with the Ecology Center’s events coordinator Cynthia Murdough, who said the class “encourages people not to give up and to stop saying, ‘I don’t have the space to do this.’” 

Tickets are on sale here and start at $15 for non-members. 

🎬 And finally… The SFFilm Festival starts today. Drive-in tickets are pricey, but look like they’re still available for the movies playing this weekend at Fort Mason. Otherwise, you can stream most movies from home for $12 each until the festival ends on April 18. 

The Chronicle put together a list of 11 films to consider. I’m especially excited to check out “We Are as Gods,” which is about the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog, Stewart Brand. Here’s a trailer for that one: 

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend everyone! - Nick B. 

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