Weekend Guide / Lunar New Year's celebrations and flower advice

It's Friday, February 12th.

Hey, there. Happy New Year! 

It’s a busy weekend with the Lunar New Year today, Valentine’s Day on Sunday, and President’s Day on Monday. There is a bit of rain in the forecast, but hopefully not enough to stop you from having some (socially distanced) fun. 

Here are some ideas for the weekend… 

🐂 Celebrate Lunar New Year. There’s no parade this year, but there are 11 life-sized Ox sculptures around the Bay to go out and find. Eater also put together a list of takeout specials, like a “dumpling feast” from United Dumplings and a “three-tier tea set” filled with dim sum from Farmhouse Kitchen, if you’re hungry. If you’re looking for something to keep you warm (and bring you luck!), Song Tea has a Lunar New Year tea set that may be for you. 

Remember, Lunar New Year festivities last for the next couple of weeks, so there’s plenty of time to order-in. Eater put together lists of Chinese restaurants in San Francisco and the East Bay that may be helpful guides. 

💐 Buy flowers! Valentine’s Day always stresses me out, especially when it comes to buying flowers. So this year, I asked my friend Katie Witkop for some advice. Katie’s a badass designer during the week. But on the weekends, because she loves flowers so much, she moonlights at The Bud Stop in Cow Hollow. Here are the three tips Katie offered:  

  • “I would say buy in advance. This is the busiest time of year for florists and with Covid, there are fewer product guarantees than usual.” 

  • “Also, stick with what they love! Most folks do not actually love red rose, baby breath bouquets. So ask your partner what colors, flowers they like ahead of time to guarantee a big smile when you deliver your bouquet.”

  • “Lastly, trust the experts. We’re in flowers day in and day out. We know what is a fan favorite and what people love. When you don't know where to start, trust your local florist to make something beautiful!” 

Simple enough right? Here’s a list 7x7 put together of flower shops in the city. I also found this list of flower delivery options that might be helpful as well. Good luck out there! 

🚦 Check out a new Slow Street. If you’re like me, you stick to walking or running or biking down the same Slow Street over and over again. But there are actually 25 of them across the city. Maybe mix it up this weekend and try out a new one! 

🍺 Drink beer! California Craft Beer Week kicks off tonight with a series of discussions with local brewmasters. There’s also several special release pickups and outdoor events to check out throughout the week. 

🏌 Watch golf. I know, this might be a tough sell on Valentine’s Day, but the PGA event this weekend is at nearby Pebble Beach. Jordan Speith is at the top of the leaderboard as I’m writing this, so it could be an exciting Sunday finish. 

🍕 Try a new pizza place. There was an impassioned thread on Twitter this week about the best pizza in SF and it made me hungry! I think I’m going to try out either Pink Onion or Cellarmaker House of Pizza. But there’s a bunch of good ideas on that thread, like Pizza Hacker, Gioia, and Tony’s

Okay, that’s all the ideas I got! Hope you have a great weekend and as a programming alert, I’ll be off on Monday but back on Tuesday.

See you then! - Nick B.

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