Weekend guide / Lighting up Valencia Street and drinking inside

It's Friday, May 7th.

Hey there, San Francisco. 

Happy Friday and Happy Mother’s Day weekend! As we do at the end of each week, let’s take a bit of a break from the news and think through some ideas for the weekend ahead. 

Real quick, though. Did you hear about the rocket booster that no one seems to know where it’s going to land? The rocket’s remnants will likely fall into the ocean (since, you know, our world is mostly water). But still, experts say a piece weighing 200 pounds could reach the earth’s surface. So if you’re out and about on Saturday or Sunday, maybe keep an eye towards the sky! 

Great. Now that everyone is freaked out, here are some things to consider this weekend…

💡 Check out Valencia Street at night. A group of merchants and residents recently came together to help temporarily light up Valencia Street between 14th and 24th Street. The “unveiling” happens tonight at 8 pm at 557 Valencia Street, where there will be music, a blessing from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and “all the good speeches” (according to the Eventbrite page) from Supervisor Rafael Mandelman and other community leaders. Mariachi starts at 7:30 pm. 

🍸 Go to a bar! With San Francisco entering the “yellow tier” on Thursday, bars are allowed to resume indoor service at a 25% capacity for the first time in over a year. Technically, some bars were able to let patrons back inside before Thursday if they served food. But now, food or no food, bars are back. “Monetarily, it’s not a game changer, but it is a step in the right direction,” Ben Bleiman, owner of the Mission bar Teeth, told Mission Local

🌮 Visit Otra. The husband and wife team behind Son’s Addition opened a new Mexican restaurant in the Lower Haight called Otra, which opened on Wednesday. The menu doesn’t appear to be online yet, but Eater wrote that co-owner Nick Cobarruvias would “lean into modern Mexican comforts, [while] riffing on the foods [he] grew up with in Texas.” Cobarruvias also said the menu would reflect his family’s changed diet, which means more vegetable than meat dishes. (Otra is located at 682 Haight Street. It’s open daily from 5 to 10 pm.) 

📗 Grab a copy of “Home Baked: My Mom, Marijuana and the Stoning of San Francisco.” I came across “Home Baked” recently, and saw this week that it was the first pick for the Chronicle’s latest book club. It’s next on my list, so I thought I’d share it here. “Home Baked” could be a good one if you’re looking to read something SF-centric. At the very least, I’m sure you’ll learn loads about the pot brownie business of the 1970s! 

🍯 Catch up on the fnnch controversy. I’ve posted about this before, but the Chronicle’s Tony Bravo wrote a really good piece today summarizing what’s happened over the past few weeks with San Francisco’s most popular street artist and the person behind the honey bear. It’s worth a read! 

💐 And finally… Do something nice for mom! There are lots of things you could do here. The Chronicle put together a list of Mother’s Day brunches across the Bay Area. You could grab her flowers. You could go take selfies at the new Musiquarium. I’m sure she’ll love whatever you decide! 

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading as always and stay safe out there!  🚀  

- Nick B. 

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