Weekend guide / Expeditions to the Farallons and voicemails for oral history project

It's Friday, April 23rd.

Hey there, San Francisco. Happy Friday. 

It’s been a cloudy week, and it looks like that will continue into Saturday and Sunday. There might even be...get this...some rain! 

Anyways, don’t let the dreary weather get you down. Here are some things to consider for your weekend: 

🔥 Go see the new mural in the Mission’s Clarion Alley. In the painting, entitled, “The world is on fire,” there’s a row of firefighters trying to put out a raging blaze, while two children are planting a tree in a lush, nature scene behind them. “It’s about showing that [the climate crisis] is happening all over the world,” a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, the environmental group behind the mural, told me. “At the same time, we can make it better and we don’t have to feel like it’s inevitable.” 

The firefighter in the front of the mural was intentionally painted grey so that people would take selfies and help spread the message, the person said. 

An official unveiling of the mural was supposed to happen this Sunday (including live music, art stations for kids, and food) but due to the forecast, Extinction Rebellion decided to postpone the event for now. Still, if you’re in the area (between Mission and Valencia near 17th street), go check it out! 

🛒 Shop at H Mart. The popular Korean supermarket H Mart opened its first San Francisco location on Wednesday just off the 280 on Alemany Blvd. Chronicle food critic Soliel Ho calls it a “snack food paradise.” If you go this weekend, here are a few guides from the Chronicle, SF Gate, and Eater to inspire your list. 

☎️ Let it all out, on a voicemail. Here/Say Media launched a cool project today called “Here/Hear: COVID Chronicles.” Basically, the publication is asking locals to call in and leave a voicemail to describe some of their experiences through the pandemic. You’ll be asked things like, who’s a person who helped get you through the lockdown? And, what’s a hobby or interest you picked up during the pandemic? 

If you’d like to contribute to this oral history project (and get some stuff off your chest!), give this number a call: 415-573-3551. 

🐋 Book an expedition to the Farallons! This week’s story about the Farallon Islands got me thinking about the boat trip I took out there a couple of years back. It was one of the coolest experiences in my 15 years or so in the Bay Area. Besides all the whales we saw on our ride out there, seeing the islands and all the untamed wildlife on them was something I’ll never forget. It really is a different world out there. 

Anyways, I looked up the trip that I took through the Oceanic Society and it’s a lot more expensive these days—$450 per person. The group’s spokesperson told me that’s because they can’t let as many people on the boats (due to Covid, etc). Also, as they used to have only one scientist on board to explain all the wildlife you encounter, now they have three. So it’s a much more personal experience. 

Anyways, it’s a lot of money. But if you’ve been wanting to go to the Farallons, it could be worth it, especially based on these awesome photos from their trip earlier this month. (The photos are courtesy of the Oceanic Society’s Chris Biertuempfel and Rhys Watkin.) 

♻️ Watch a “green” movie. The group behind the SF Independent Film Festival has a new event that premiered on Earth Day called the Livable Planet Film Festival. In total, there are 67 films available to stream that “celebrate the blue marble we all live on and also confront the challenges we face in maintaining a livable planet.” 

Maybe consider kicking back and watching one this weekend. Landfall and The Crab Season were two films KQED seemed to like

🛍 Go to a “makers” market. The West Coast Craft Market is a monthly event at Fort Mason that’s happening this Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. From the photos on its website, there seem to be lots of cool ceramics, clothes, candles, and cacti (see what I did there?!). But seriously, it looks like a great event and a nice way to shop local, outdoors. 

That’s all for today! Have a great weekend y’all and see you on Monday. - Nick B.

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