Vaccine dosage numbers revealed / Giants owner asks for donation refund

It's Wednesday, January 20th.

It’s Wednesday, January 20th, and Inauguration Day is upon us. Here’s a link to watch it live starting around 9 am PT. 

In San Francisco, Police Chief Bill Scott said in a press conference on Tuesday he doesn’t expect any “major protests or civil unrest,” but is “prepared for anything and everything.” 

District Attorney Chesa Boudin said in a video statement that he “will not tolerate violence, destruction of property or interference with the election process.” Let’s hope it’s a peaceful day here and in cities across the country. 

When you’re not watching Kamala or Joe take their oaths, here’s some local news to know today: 

  • Mayor London Breed revealed updated vaccination numbers on Tuesday, and they show just how early in the process the city still finds itself. Health clinics across San Francisco have received a total of 102,825 doses since last month, Breed said, while there are roughly 210,000 seniors, healthcare workers, and nursing home residents in the city who are eligible for the vaccine in the first round of distribution. That means, as Chronicle reporter Heather Knight tweeted, 420,000 doses are needed to cover the top tier. “While we are making progress, we simply need more vaccines,” Breed said. Still, only around 28,500 people in San Francisco (or about 3.3% of the city’s population) have received at least one dose of the vaccine as of Sunday, while around 6,300 have received both doses. 

  • The city’s vaccine notification website launched on Tuesday, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. “Well, it was live. Now it appears down,” District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney tweeted earlier in the day. “It also was texting people 50+ times.” The site—which asks users for information like their age and work type so it can notify them once they are eligible—appeared to stabilize later in the afternoon. On Twitter, Mayor Breed urged residents to sign up, and by late Tuesday, she said 70,000 had. (Personally, I filled out the form questions on the site and received a text message about 15 minutes later telling me I should be eligible sometime “by the end of 2021.”)

  • On Monday, San Francisco Giants owner Charles Johnson said he had requested “a full refund” for the contribution he and his wife gave to Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Congresswoman who has expressed interest in the QAnon conspiracy theory and recently, live-tweeted about Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s whereabouts during the January 6th takeover of the U.S. Capitol building. Johnson, a known Republican donor, said he and his wife “denounce any individuals, candidates or elected officials who...espouse or assist in violence of any kind.” They had each donated the max, $2,800 to Boebert’s campaign. 

  • More Muni light-rail trains are coming back online after being sidelined during the pandemic. The T-Third Street line will resume this weekend, while the N-Judah, a popular line that runs from Ocean Beach to downtown, could return as early as next month. 

  • And finally, if you’ve been hearing about Chesa Boudin lately, but don’t know much about him (or if you just need a refresher), this 5-minute video about the San Francisco DA put together by local media upstart Here Say is worth a watch. 

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