Supes vote to cap food delivery fees / Critic weighs-in on top sandwich spots

It's Wednesday, June 23.

Hey there, San Francisco. 

A few months back, Twitter erupted when Nob Hill resident Addie Bjornsen put out a simple request: “San Franciscans - tell me about your favorite sandwich and where to get it.” 

Responses unearthed countless gems across the city, including the eggplant parm from Molinari, the ham and swiss from Salty’s, and, of course, the turkey sandwich from Arguello Super Market. An incredibly informal survey taken by SF Minute readers the following day found Deli Board, Limoncello, Luke’s Local, and Lucinda’s among people’s favorite places as well. 

And so, on Wednesday, it was exciting to see Chronicle food critic Soleil Ho publish her list of top sandwich shops across the Bay Area. “The sandwich remains the classic food of the working person,” Ho writes. “So most everyone has an opinion on who’s got the best.” 

For Ho, her top-tier sandos in San Francisco come from Breadbelly, Flour and Water Pasta Shop, Lou's Cafe, Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe, Palm City Wines, Roxie Food Center, The Sentinel, Submarine Center, and Turner's Kitchen

It’s a good list! But now, I just want to try them all 😩 . 

And with that...onto some news… 

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that caps delivery fee commissions to 15% for companies like DoorDash and Grubhub. Previously, local restaurants have faced fees as high as 30%, the Chronicle said

“This legislation will ensure our San Francisco restaurants can continue to operate in a financially sustainable way as they recover from the past year plus with limited capacity and lost revenue,” the head of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, Laurie Thomas, said in a statement. 

If signed into law by Mayor Breed, San Francisco will become the first major US city where food delivery companies must navigate permanent commission caps. 

The Examiner had a good story on Tuesday about the debate that’s brewing in City Hall over police financing and the hiring of more officers. 

During a budget committee meeting last week, SFPD Chief Bill Scott pointed to the now infamous Walgreens shoplifting incident as an indication that the city needs more officers. “It’s not rocket science,” Scott said. “We don’t have people running into stores with a garbage bag and running out of the stores when an officer is standing right there.”

Meanwhile, at the same meeting, Supervisor Dean Preston said there is “always an excuse to increase police funding…Crime goes down, it’s because of the increased policing so we need to keep that up. Crime goes up, we need more police out there because crime is going up.” 

The SFPD currently has 1,780 officers, which is fewer than the 2,200 officers needed to properly respond to service calls, according to an independent study last year. Chief Scott said he hopes to hire 100 more officers in the upcoming fiscal year mostly to backfill those who decide to retire. Conversations on the matter are scheduled to resume on Thursday. 

Quick bits: 

  • 🛍 Speaking of the Walgreens incident, the District Attorney’s Office has filed 15 charges against the suspect for a “string of shoplifting he allegedly carried out in the span of just over a month,” the Examiner writes. In a statement, DA Chesa Boudin said: “Local businesses and neighborhood stores are the backbone of our community, and we are working to protect San Francisco stores and consumers.” (Examiner

  • 🏀 In Tuesday night’s NBA lottery, which determines the selection order for the July 29 draft, the Warriors came out with the 7th and 14th overall picks (one of their picks came from a 2020 trade with Minnesota). “Having two swings at it in what we think is a really, really good draft is important for many reasons,” Golden State GM Bob Myers said. (Chronicle

  • 🥐 The co-owners of Four Barrel Coffee and The Mill are reportedly taking over the Hayes Valley space previously occupied by 20th Century Cafe. Details about the new venture (called Loquat) are vague, but apparently, it’ll be a bakery/cafe by day and wine bar by night with plans to open this fall. (Eater

  • 😔 A 45-foot-long gray whale washed ashore at Ocean Beach on Sunday. It’s the 17th dead whale to appear on Bay Area beaches this year, which is up from the 5-10 whales local experts say they typically see in a given year. (SF Gate

And finally… 

El Paso-based photographer Valerie Contreras was on vacation and visiting Sutro Baths this week when she “started suspecting” that a proposal was about to take place, according to an SF Gate story on Wednesday. So, she set up her camera "and it happened!!!" Contreras recounted

The problem? She didn’t want to ruin the moment and ask for the couple’s information on the spot. But she also wanted to share the photos with them.

So, she took to social media, and voilà. The post went viral on Twitter. Within hours, Contreras was able to make the connection, and today, the tweet has over 680,000 likes. 

“They were having an intimate moment and it’s not something I wanted to go on and approach them right in the middle of,” Contreras later tweeted. “I literally thought in my head, “well I’ll just have Twitter help me” 😂

That’s all for today! Thanks so much for reading y’all and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.  - Nick B

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