Officials condemn Union Square looting / 'Nash Bridges' returns

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Hey there, San Francisco. 

Thanksgiving week, which means my family is in town. Which means trying to show them that the city is still an awesome place to visit. 

But it’s been a little tough.  

On Saturday, at the Lands End parking lot, we witnessed a smash-and-grab operation in action, in broad daylight. Then, later that night, someone turned on the TV and up popped the local news coverage of the Union Square looting from the day before. 

(ICYMI, on Friday night, some two dozen people ran into luxury stores around the Union Square area, including Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent, and stole merchandise. Police say at least 8 arrests have been made in connection with the incident.) 

Part of it is a pride thing. I love San Francisco, and I want my family to love it too. 

But, more importantly, the city and its business owners suffer financially when tourists stay away. I can’t stop thinking about the Nob Hill Italian restaurant Venticello, which said it had to shut down recently after 29 years because of a lack of tourists. A lot of that was due to the pandemic, but situations like Friday night don’t necessarily get people excited to come back. 

I don’t mean to rant. Just feeling a little blue. Because like I said, I know how incredible this city can be. 

And with that...onto some news… 

Top story: One thing you should know 

Local officials condemned Friday night’s Union Square looting. “​​What you saw last night was horrible,” Mayor London Breed said over the weekend. “We can’t allow that to happen.” The mayor went on to say that the city will limit car traffic around Union Square, given that suspects parked outside of the stores and used their cars to quickly flee. 

On Twitter, District Attorney Chesa Boudin said: “Standby for felony charges.” 

Meanwhile, similar incidents happened across the Bay Area as well. As the Chronicle writes, “groups of thieves rushed a Nordstrom in Walnut Creek on Saturday night and then hit stores at malls in Hayward and San Jose on Sunday.” The SFPD says it's working to understand possible connections with the cases. 

Quick bits: Bite-sized news stories from across the city 

  • 🚗 DoorDash has agreed to a $5.3 million settlement with San Francisco over allegations that the food-delivery company did not pay local couriers for the city’s mandated health care coverage and paid sick leave. The settlement comes even as DoorDash does not recognize its delivery workers to be full-time employees. 

    Most of the 4,500 local couriers will receive between $500 and $1,500 as part of the settlement, though as City Attorney David Chiu said: “Some workers are receiving payments over $10,000, which could be life-changing.” (Chronicle

  • 👀 San Francisco cop show “Nash Bridges,” which aired from 1996 to 2001, is back. But instead of a series reboot, it’s a made-for-TV movie that’s set to air on USA Network this Saturday. 

    Familiar cast members have returned, including Don Johnson (who plays Nash) and Cheech Marin (Nash’s former partner, who apparently has retired from police work to run a weed dispensary in the city). Also, Chronicle reporter G. Allen Johnson says, watch out for an appearance from former San Francisco mayor, Willie Brown. (Datebook

  • 🏙 In recent weeks, more workers in San Francisco have returned to the office, according to data highlighted by the Examiner. But at 26.7%, office occupancy in San Francisco remains well below the estimated 39% national average. (Examiner

  • 🦃 As part of its 15th annual giveaway, Mayor Breed said late last week that the city has donated 5,500 turkeys to some 85 sites across San Francisco that serve families and individuals in need. (SFist

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Zillow house of the day: Wherein I can occasionally share good finds from my Zillow addiction  

Major beach vibes with this 3-bedroom, 1 bath house in the Outer Sunset that’s starting the bidding at $1.1 million. 

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And finally…

I had a good conversation today with Bilal Mahmood, who’s one of four candidates running San Francisco’s open State Assembly seat. I’ll send a recording of that interview out later tonight. 

As a reminder, if you’d like to join these discussions with local leaders live, sign up to become an SF Minute Member

Regarding the State Assembly race, I’m working to set up interviews with all the candidates. One other person, Matt Haney, has confirmed so far. That talk will be next Friday, 12/3. 

Alright! Have an awesome night y’all and I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Talk soon! - Nick B.