No arrests made in Haight Street shootings / Sections of Embarcadero may need a 7-foot lift

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Hey there, San Francisco. 

Happy Friday! Before we dive into the news, I wanted to thank another loyal SF Minute reader Hunter Walk, who interviewed me on his blog today. I started The SF Minute almost one year ago, and if you’re curious about what that journey’s been like, maybe give the post a read

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For now though... onto the news… 

The city medical examiner has identified the deceased victim in Thursday’s shooting on Haight Street as 21-year San Francisco resident Samuel Jessop. Still, details about the incident, which left another person injured, are vague.

Thursday’s shooting was the third in recent weeks in-and-around the Haight-Ashbury area. After the second shooting in late October, Police Lieutenant Bassey Obot told residents in a virtual town hall meeting that his department believed the incidents were “gang-related.”

“It was not just an act of random street violence that occurred,” Obot said at the time. “I know that sometimes doesn’t make us feel any safer, but you can know it wasn’t someone just showing up out of nowhere and shooting the first person that they see.”

SFPD spokesperson Adam Lobsinger confirmed with me on Friday that no arrests have been made in connection with any of the three cases. 

Quick bits: 

  • 🎤 A sold-out crowd filled the Chase Center on Thursday night in what was Dave Chappelle’s first public appearance in San Francisco since his controversial special “The Closer” aired on Netflix. As the Chronicle’s Chase DiFeliciantonio wrote, “Despite the swirl of apprehension about his appearance...None of the rumored protesters materialized before or after the show.” 

    On stage, Chappelle said: “All this controversy around me is bulls—. Fake news!...They will have you thinkin’ that there’s a transgender hit squad trying to kill me. That’s not happening.” (Datebook

  • 🚔 San Francisco police sergeant Davin Cole was charged this week with robbing a San Mateo Rite Aide pharmacy and resisting arrest, the Daily Journal reported. According to Cole’s attorney, the 27-year SFPD veteran has an opioid addiction "that has ravaged his life." (Daily Journal

  • 🌊 Sections of the Embarcadero may need to be elevated as much as seven feet to protect the city’s downtown from rising water levels, the Chronicle’s John King reported on Friday. As King noted, such an idea has “never before [been] stated so explicitly” and can be found buried in a staff report on the Port of San Francisco’s website. 

    A more detailed report is expected next month, King writes, which should “spell out an initial set of 20 or so ‘early projects’ to begin preparing the shoreline for the likely impacts of a major earthquake.” (Chronicle

What else I’m reading: 

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And finally...A piece by Paolo

“Wild” Bill Peacock’s life probably would have looked different if he hadn’t been rejected from the Marine Corps for cannabis possession years ago. After the news, the Missouri-native headed west to California where he started off doing voice-over work. 

Then, he noticed his roommate taking up dog walking.

“He was going out, getting a tan,” Peacock told me in a recent conversation. “I thought, ‘Hey, that’s a pretty good deal.’”

In 2007 he added “Wild” to his name, threw horns on his truck (you’ve probably seen him driving around town), and took to dog wrangling. His offering? Perpetual motion for your pup the entire walk. 

“Go figure, I love dog walking,” Peacock said. 

Seven days a week, starting at 9:30 am, the wrangler heads to the coast just south of the city. He takes around 10 to 14 pups with him on a typical weekday and a slightly smaller pack on weekends.

And while Peacock’s persona may be a goofy one, don’t be confused – he takes his work as seriously as anyone else. He got certified in pet CPR. And his schedule has been filled for years based on word of mouth, even with a website that could have used updating a decade ago.

“I try to steer people away,” Peacock said of his site. “It’s a whole list of reasons not to call me.” 

For more on “Wild” Bill, this video of him from years ago is a classic.

That’s all for today! Thanks so much for reading y’all and have a wonderful weekend. See you back here on Monday! - Nick B.

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