New legislation for fourplexes / Slow Streets to become permanent

It's Tuesday, February 2nd.

Good evening, San Francisco. 

From the GameStop saga last week, to Jeff Bezos’ bombshell announcement on Tuesday, there’s been some huge national stories lately. Even my mom texted me about the Bezos news today: “Jeff Bezos stepping down from amazon. Sure the minute is on it! Worth 185 billion!!!!” 

LOL. Love you, mom. 

My point is that national news can be tough to compete with for local publications sometimes. So I appreciate you all even more when things are crazy “out there” for paying attention to what’s going on “right here.” 

On that note, here’s local news you should know today…

  • District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman announced new legislation on Tuesday to help create more housing units in San Francisco. Mandelman’s proposal would allow fourplexes to be built on land currently zoned for single-family homes if it is within a half-mile of a major transit stop (like a BART station) or on a corner lot. He also wants to make it harder in the city to build new “monster homes,” or those over 3,000 square feet. “The way much of San Francisco is zoned today makes it easier to flip existing housing into monster homes than to build small apartment buildings for regular working people,” Mandelman said. “We’ve done a really good job of building housing for millionaires over the last decades, but we’ve made it much too hard to build housing for the middle class.” 

    On Twitter, the advocacy group Grow SF commended the legislation, saying a plan to allow “fourplexes near the subway and on corner lots should be the *bare minimum* for supervisors.” 

  • San Francisco’s first “no-appointment” vaccination site opened on Tuesday at the Southeast Health Center in the Bayview District. Those eligible to receive vaccinations at the site are residents 65 and older who live in 94124 and 94134 zip codes (proof of residence and age are required). The location will be open every day from 9 am to 3 pm. On Twitter, Supervisor Matt Haney said similar walk-up sites in the Tenderloin and SoMa are expected soon. 

  • Page, Shotwell, and Sanchez may become permanent Slow Streets, The Chronicle reported on Tuesday. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has temporarily shut down 25 streets to through traffic during the pandemic to give residents more space to get outside. Now, based on resident surveys, the city wants to create a “Path to Permanence” for the Slow Streets on Page, Shotwell, and Sanchez. The SFMTA will vote on final plans this spring, after which it said it would consider permanently closing other streets as well. 

  • Quick hits: 

    • 🏠 Local nonprofits are advocating to replace tents with tiny-homes for those living in the parking lot at 180 Jones Street in the Tenderloin. 

    • 🍏 Noriega Produce in the Outer Sunset has moved one block into its huge, new space. It’s also fully rebranded to Gus's Community Market. 

    • 🎥 San Francisco’s 23rd Independent Film Festival is February 4-21. All films will be available to watch online, and tickets range from $45 for a five-film pass to $135 to access them all. 

  • And finally… The Bold Italic has a cool series of stories called "My Favorite Corner of SF.” In its latest addition, local journalist Aida Agayeva writes about the corner of 20th and Geary in Little Russia. Nearby you’ll find Russian bakeries and markets and “one of the largest Russian-Orthodox churches outside of Russia,” Agayeva said. 

    “While my favorite corner doesn’t have the prestige or hustle of other parts in San Francisco, it has a coziness to it,” Agayeva said. “On 20th and Geary, simplicity and goodness reign.” 

That’s all for today. Thanks again for tuning in! 

Oh, one more thing. To be transparent about how things are going with The SF Minute (and because I’m really excited about this), I wanted to share a cool, new milestone. We’ve passed 400 subscribers! (Currently, we’re at 418 📈 😊 )

Thanks so much to everyone for telling friends and family that we’re here! Have a great night and see you tomorrow. - Nick B.