More powerful Lyft e-bikes enter the city / Shark bite survivor walks

It's Monday, June 28.

Hey there, San Francisco. 

Last week, I was walking through Hayes Valley when a bicyclist zoomed by me on a shiny, white Lyft bike. I wrote the whole thing off as me just imagining things (or the bikes just getting a new paint job). 

But I was wrong. As the SF Weekly reported earlier this month, the cream-colored e-bikes are the latest addition to the Lyft/Bay Wheels bike-share fleet. And, important for a city like San Francisco, the updated rigs come standard with a more powerful electric motor than their predecessor. That should help with the hills! 

A Lyft spokesperson told me on Monday that there are only 24 of the new e-bikes on the ground in San Francisco today as part of a “public beta test.” The company will continue to release more of its new models in the city until they reach 100 total by next month. 

A final version of the more powerful e-bike is expected to hit the streets by the fall, the spokesperson said, but it is not yet clear how many. Today in San Francisco, there are around 3,500 bikes in the Lyft/Bay Wheels program and about one-third are electric. 

These new bikes look great and could be a big help for those starting to commute again to the office. Let’s just hope the rollout goes smoother than back in 2019 when at least two of Lyft’s e-bikes caught fire

And with that… onto some news…

Quick bits:

  • 🛴 Speaking of ways to get around town…Scoot (the moped and scooter rental company, which is now owned by Bird) will cease its operations in San Francisco indefinitely on July 1, Mission Local reported on Monday, following a fix-figure fine from the city due to its work with unauthorized subcontractors. Starting on July 1, only Lime and Spin will have scooters in the city (each with permits for 2,000). (Mission Local

  • 🚧 A civic oversight board released a report on Monday with a fitting title: “Van Ness Avenue: What Lies Beneath.” In it, the group said the Van Ness Improvement Project (which will create dedicated bus lanes and hopefully, cut commute times) is three years late and $40 million over budget due, in part, to SFMTA planners not understanding the complex water and sewage lines under the street’s surface. 

    “These shortcomings created opportunities for mistakes years before breaking ground and throughout the construction process,” the report stated. “Many of them were foreseeable and avoidable.” (SFist

  • 🎨 🍔 Reminder: The massive, 74-foot wide Diego Rivera mural, dubbed “Pan American Unity,” is on display at the SFMOMA starting on Monday. Also on Monday, about a five-minute walk from the MOMA, Shake Shack opened its second San Francisco location in the Westfield Mall. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? 

  • ☕️ Equator Coffee is set to take over the historic Round House Cafe, which is located right near the Golden Gate Bridge (on the San Francisco side). The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy previously ran the cafe, Eater said, serving mostly hot dogs and bread bowls to tourists. (Eater

  • 🎇 San Francisco’s fireworks show is back this year, Mayor Breed announced on Monday. The show is scheduled to take place this Sunday at 9:30 pm along the northern waterfront (between Aquatic Park and Pier 39). Now, we wait to hear from Karl. (Twitter, London Breed

And finally… 

A 38-year-old San Francisco man was snorkeling and diving for crabs at Gray Whale Cove on Saturday when a 6-8 foot Great White Shark bit into his leg. The man told the SF Gate it felt “more like curiosity bite [than] attack." 

The man, who’s an avid swimmer and member of San Francisco's South End Rowing Club, was released from the hospital 21 hours after the incident and is walking. 

“In addition to being thankful to all responders, I’m very grateful to the shark as well that it was gentle and did not strike again,” he said. “[After all,] the ocean is their home and we are just visitors."

That’s all for today! Thanks so much for reading y’all and we’ll see you back here tomorrow! - Nick B. 🦈

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