Mayor Breed talks crime in the city / Man behind Victorian home move tells all

It's Thursday, February 25th.

Good evening, San Francisco. 

I spoke to someone today who was planning to move back to the city after being gone for the past seven months or so. “How is it there?” he asked. “I heard that things have hit the fan.” 

It’s a complicated question. How are things in San Francisco? Especially when it comes to crime. 

Just before hopping on the call, I saw the recent video on Twitter of someone in Golden Gate Park smashing a car window, running away with a backpack, and ultimately, getting caught in the act. 

It was yet another crime in the city caught on camera. Yet, despite what residents are seeing (and feeling!) some crime numbers, like robberies, have gone down this year compared to the same period last year. 

Addressing that contraction was central to Mayor Breed’s Medium post on Wednesday. “We can’t just look at the overall crime numbers and say that everything is fine,” Breed said. “It’s not.” 

Breed said in her blog post that even though she asked all city departments to propose budget cuts, she did not support the police laying off officers to meet her request. 

The Mayor also emphasized the need to streamline communication between the Police, Sheriff, District Attorney, and Probation offices to “ensure people who have consistently violated the terms of their release are held accountable.” Two of the highest-profile incidents this year—the New Year’s Eve hit-and-run left two people dead and the pedestrian that was killed near Lake Merced—involved suspects who were repeat offenders. 

“Improving our inter-agency communication between law enforcement agencies is a critical part of promoting public safety,” District Attorney Chesa Boudin told me on Thursday. “We need to make sure going forward that instead of gaps in communication and responsibility, we have redundancies. And I hope that this collaborative and ongoing efforts will ensure that no one and nothing slips through the cracks in San Francisco.” 

Meanwhile, when Breed spoke to the press on Wednesday on the topic of crime in the city, she was clearly fired up:  "When you come to San Francisco with the expectation to harm somebody here in this city, there will be consequences," Breed said. "So, really, don't come to our city with all that bullshit.” 

And now, onto some more news… 

San Francisco teachers became eligible for the vaccine on Wednesday, but as Mission Local reported, some are struggling to book appointments. “It’s the Hunger Games,” one kindergarten teacher said. “It’s been up to us as the teachers to forage for the vaccine ourselves.” 

On Twitter, Supervisor Matt Haney called it “brutally unacceptable” that the Department of Public Health didn’t do more to help teachers get the vaccine once they became eligible. Under the current safety agreement, teachers will only return to the classroom in the “red tier” when they’ve been vaccinated. If San Francisco moves into the “orange tier,” there is no vaccination requirement. 

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Chronicle reported that the San Francisco health department has stopped distributing vaccines to One Medical after it found the company had been vaccinating people who were not yet eligible. City officials also demanded One Medical return more than 1,600 doses that it had on-hand. 

Quick bits: 

  • 😔 The San Francisco teenager, who’s been missing since early last week, left a note in her dresser saying that the pandemic had made her feel sad and tired and that she was running away to help solve her problems. (Chronicle)

  • 💵 San Francisco residents “struggling to make ends meet” may be eligible for up to $500 in tax credits and stimulus checks, as a part of the mayor’s $1.9 million assistance package. (Patch

  • 🍹 The bartenders behind Pacific Cocktail Haven (which sadly caught fire on Monday and lost all its inventory) opened their latest bar on Thursday called Kona’s Street Market, drawing drink inspirations from around the world and serving Filipino food to-go from Pinoy Heritage pop-up. (Eater

  • ⛺ Some Bay Area campgrounds are opening back up. Book a spot while you can! (Chronicle)

  • 🍕 Feeling a little lazy? Here’s a good list of frozen pizzas from local restaurants that I did not know offered frozen pizzas! (Eater

  • 😎 The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department is looking to hire 200 local teenagers this summer to help with camps and gardening work, and it’s paying $17 per hour. (Examiner

And finally… SF Gate reporter Tessa McLean recently spoke to 27-year-old Cameron Scott, the person behind the wheel during last weekend’s Victorian house move.

Cameron’s a fourth-generation house mover (his family has been in the business since the 1930s), and he said Sunday’s job will go down as one of the most difficult in company history. The initial turn off the lot, he said, was especially tricky. 

“That was the hardest part is coming off a perfectly level lot and making a 90 degree turn onto that steep graded hill,” he said. “That was the most nerve-wracking part. I was just trying to keep my feet from shaking because I was so scared I would do the wrong thing.”

Thanks to Cameron and his team for a successful move. We are all so glad you didn’t do the wrong thing! 

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Alright, have a great night everyone and talk soon. - Nick B. 

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