Kamala returns to the Bay / Trader Joe's pushes forward with Hayes Valley plans

It's Tuesday, April 6th.

Hey there, San Francisco. 

On Monday, Kamala Harris returned to Oakland for the first time since she became vice president. “It is great to be in Oakland and to be home,” Harris said from an East Bay municipal water treatment facility. 

A major part of Harris’ trip was to promote President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, which includes updating water systems and removing lead pipes across the country. “Let's upgrade them. Why? Because drinking lead will kill our children, literally,” she said. 

Harris also stopped by Red Door Catering on Adeline Street where she and other politicians, including Senator Alex Padilla, talked about the importance of government support for entrepreneurs. 

I like how KQED’s Scott Shafer summed up the trip: 

As Harris's motorcade made its way down Adeline Street in Oakland, dozens of people stood along the streets and in front yards to take photos and catch a glimpse of the hometown hero who became the first woman and first woman of color to become vice president of the United States. While Harris did not make much news during her brief stops Monday, her return to Oakland some 56 years after she was born there as the woman first in line to the presidency is a remarkable story in itself.

And with that, onto some news… 

As of Tuesday, 50% of San Franciscans over the age of 16 have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine. Mayor Breed tweeted about the stat earlier today and added that the city is vaccinating some 12,000 residents per day. 

“The end of this pandemic is getting closer,” Breed said. 

Meanwhile, also on Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom said at a press conference that the state may get rid of its color-coded reopening “blueprint” by June 15 if vaccine supply is sufficient and hospitalizations remain low. 

“It is time to turn the page on our tier system and begin looking to fully reopen California’s economy,” he said.

Interestingly, the Chronicle’s Alexei Koseff reported that while Newsom said there would be “no barrier to getting all of our kids safely back" into the classroom by June 15, the governor did not announce that there would be a state requirement to do so by then. 

Quick bits: 

  • 🍣 Blowfish Sushi to Die For closed its Mission Street location last December. Wagyumafia, a Tokyo restaurant famous for its $185 steak sandwich, considered expanding to San Francisco in 2017, but ultimately decided against it. However, as the Chronicle reported on Monday night, imposters in the city are using DoorDash to sell food under both restaurant names today. (Chronicle

  • 🌫 Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park will be fenced-off on April 20 for a second straight year to discourage large crowds from gathering. Put another way, you can pretty much smoke weed anywhere in the city on 4/20 except Hippie Hill. (SF Weekly

  • 🛒 Trader Joe’s has officially submitted its plans for building out a 17,000 square foot grocery store in Hayes Valley. The project, located at the corner of Fulton and Laguna, could be completed by late 2022. (SocketSite

  • 😷 Fiddleheads Cafe in Mendocino is offering 50% off to customers who throw their masks in the shop’s trash bin. “You either love it or you hate it,” the cafe owner said regarding customers’ reactions to the deal. (SF Gate

  • 🗞 The San Francisco Examiner hired Carly Schwartz as its new editor-in-chief. Previously, Schwartz worked at Google where she ran an internal news publication called Google Insider. (Examiner

  • 🍔 New Belgium (the maker of Fat Tire, of course) is set to open its Mission Bay brewery this Friday, April 9. Beyond the beer, it looks like former Noosh chefs Laura and Sayat Ozyilmaz have put together a pretty awesome food program there as well. (Eater

And finally… I was talking with a parent the other day who told me something I couldn’t believe. When the pandemic forced the city to shut down last year, the private school this person sent their child to was only closed down for a couple of days! Meanwhile, over a year later, public schools are still closed. 

That difference, to me, was staggering. And I guess it was something I hadn’t fully wrapped my head around as a person living in San Francisco without any kids. 

On Tuesday, Mission Local published a powerful video about a mother in the city with two kids—one in private school and another in public. As you might have guessed, it’s not going as well for the child in public school who is still learning through a computer screen at home. 

That’s all for today! The Board of Education meeting has just started and it’s the first one since Allison Collins filed a lawsuit against five of her colleagues. So I’m sure it won’t be awkward at all! More on that tomorrow.

Have a great night y’all! - Nick B.

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