Guaranteed income program for SF artists / No rules for vaccine eligibility by April 15

It's Thursday, March 25th.

Good evening, San Francisco. 

Lotta good sandwich enthusiasm after yesterday’s newsletter. Thanks to everyone who responded with their favorites. 

Here’s a list of recommendations from our readers: 

The original thread that started all this sandwich talk has continued to grow if you’re interested in digging deeper. 

One of our readers suggested we tackle a “best burgers” list next. It’s a good idea! I’m still searching for a clear #1 after my beloved Rove Kitchen closed down years ago. Maybe after we digest all these sandwiches, someone could start up a thread 😊 . 

For now… onto some news… 

One hundred and thirty artists living in San Francisco will receive $1,000 per month for six months starting in May as part of a city-sponsored, guaranteed-income pilot. The program, Mayor Breed said in a statement, is meant to “help our creative sector get through this challenging time.” 

“If we help the arts recover, the arts will help San Francisco recover,” Breed said. 

Eligible artists include those who “actively engage with the community through music, dance, creative writing, visual art, performance art, installation, photography, theater, or film,” according to the program’s website. Art teachers and makers are encouraged to apply as well. Artists must also have lost income due to the pandemic, make less than $60,000 a year on their own, and live in a ZIP code designated by the city partly based on Covid-case counts. 

The application process begins today and ends April on 15th. 

The $870,000 in funding for the program is coming from the San Francisco’s Arts Impact Endowment, which was established by a 2018 ballot measure that redistributed some of the city’s hotel tax money to arts and cultural services, the Chronicle said.  

Governor Gavin Newson announced Thursday that starting on April 15, everyone in California over the age of 16 will be eligible for the Covid vaccine. “[In] just a few weeks, there will be no rules, no limitations to the ability to get a vaccine administered,” Newson said. 

No rules! 

Earlier, on April 1, anyone in California over 50 will be eligible. 

On Thursday, Mayor Breed said that over 300,000 San Franciscans (or, 40% of people in the city over 16) have received at least their first dose. 

Quick bits:

  • 📖 BART has installed literature kiosks at select stations, letting riders print out free 1, 3, or 5-minute-long stories to read while waiting for their train. (Chronicle

  • 🛬 A Southwest Airlines pilot landing at San Jose had some choice words for the Bay Area. “F—ing weirdos,” he said over the airport’s air traffic control scanner. The entire, expletive-laden rant can be heard here. FWIW, Southwest said the situation was “not representative of the nearly 60,000 hardworking, respectful People of Southwest Airlines." (SFGate

  • 🌳 The city is chopping down 33 ficus trees that line 24th Street in the Mission after their roots were deemed destructive to sidewalks and local businesses. Still, some merchants are upset to lose the iconic overhangs. “We’ve grown up with these trees,” said Louie Gutierrez, owner of La Reyna Bakery. “They are like prayer holders and they take care of us.” (Mission Local

  • 🎥 The SFFilm Festival announced its 2021 lineup on Wednesday, which includes a documentary about Oakland High and another about the Sesame Street origin story. The festival starts on April 9 and films can be streamed at-home or viewed at select times at the Fort Mason drive-in theater. Tickets for the drive-in go on sale tomorrow (March 26) at 10 am PT. (Variety)

  • 🍟 First, it was Krispy Kreme to offer free donuts. Now, if you post a photo of yourself at a vaccine site on the socials, you can snag free fries from Super Duper and free chips and salsa from Uno Dos. (SFGate

  • 🍻 San Diego-based Ballast Point Brewery has plans to open a 12,000 square foot brewpub in Mission Bay by the end of 2021 that it says is walking distance to both Giants’ stadium and the Chase Center. (Eater

And finally… There’s a cool, new art exhibit on Van Ness Street called “Immersive van Gogh” that I’ve been meaning to share here. And instead of me fumbling to describe it, check out this video the Chronicle put together on a recent visit. 

I like what Branden Charlton, technical production manager for the exhibit, had to say: “You can kind of leave everything at the door and just get enveloped into the world of these paintings that everyone has held in high regard for a long time… It’s new to us again.” 

That’s it for today! Thanks to everyone for reading another sandwich-filled edition and we’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight! - Nick B. 

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