D2C Dungeness crab sales now permitted / Coffee Fest hits Fort Mason

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Hey there, San Francisco. 

What a day! 

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And with that… onto the news… 

On Tuesday, the San Francisco Port Commission voted in favor of a one-year pilot that will allow fishermen to sell live Dungeness crabs from their boats at ​​Fisherman’s Wharf. Previously, direct-to-consumer sales were not permitted when it came to crabs. 

But don’t head to the wharf quite yet in search of Dungeness. The commercial crabbing season, which typically opens on November 15, has been delayed due to endangered whales and sea turtles spotted in local fishing areas. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is expected to decide on when the season can start later this month. (Chronicle

Quick bits: 

  • 🐻 The Cal versus USC football game scheduled for this Saturday in Berkeley has been postponed due to 44 “lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases within the Cal football program,” the Chronicle’s Ron Kroichick reports. As Cal’s head coach Justin Wilcox said, “it was not possible for us to field a team.” 

    Cal defensive lineman Luc Bequette voiced frustration with testing protocols, saying on Twitter: “[University Health Services] told us we could be arrested for refusing to test as vaccinated individuals with no symptoms. If I understand correctly, I can go to San Francisco, steal a bunch of items in a Walgreens and not be arrested. However, if I refuse a test in Berkeley, I can be.” (Chronicle

  • 🚧 A barrier in the middle of 24th Street at Shotwell street, which was erected in October to help divert car traffic from the Shotwell “slow street,” will be taken down after months of community outreach on the project. The SFMTA decision came as a result of a petition, which claimed that the median would block the Carnival festival and other Mission District cultural events from happening. (Mission Local

  • 🌮 Cholita Linda, a “Latin American street food” restaurant known in the East Bay for its fish tacos and Cubano sandwiches, opened its first San Francisco location in the Ferry Building earlier this month. (Eater

  • 👢 DSW is closing its only San Francisco location on December 3. As the SFGATE’s Amanda Bartlett writes, the shoe store is the “latest in a string of Union Square retailers to announce it will be shuttering for good.” Others include Uniqlo, Gap, H&M, and Nordstrom Rack. (SFGATE)

What else I’m reading: 

Queer and trans parents could get own school board advisory group (Examiner

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And finally... A piece by Paolo

The San Francisco Coffee Festival is this Saturday and Sunday at Fort Mason. If you’re keen, you can trot along the pavilion floor smelling and slurping and getting caffeinated out of your mind on high-end beans from around the world. Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased here

Our friend Karina Ontiveros will be there this weekend representing the Oakland-based Progeny Coffee, where she works as a roaster.  

Ontiveros was born in San Francisco, grew up in Sonoma County, and plunged into specialty coffee at 24. “It seemed therapeutic,” she told me in a recent conversation. 

Coffee Fest will be a homecoming of sorts for Ontiveros, who previously pulled shots at Equator Coffee’s Fort Mason outpost. She’s most excited, she said, about showing off Progeny’s new pineapple fermented coffee, which her team developed with Colombian producer Juan Felipe Restrepo. 

“It’s juicy,” Ontiveros said. “It’s exciting.”

You can learn more about the coffee Ontiveros roasts on Saturday at 1:45 pm. That’s when Progeny Coffee owner and founder Maria Palacio will be speaking on a panel titled, “A Sip of Sustainability.”

That’s all for today! Thanks so much for reading and for all the continued support. Y’all are the best! See you tomorrow. - Nick B.

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