City Hall weddings resume / Hawaii-bound kayaker rescued at sea

It's Monday, June 7.

Hey there, San Francisco. 

The doors to City Hall reopened to the public today, which means, among other things, City Hall weddings are back! 

On Monday, Mayor Breed married the first couple to tie the knot inside City Hall since the start of the pandemic, Madelyn and Indira. 

While it was a joyous occasion on many fronts, a spokesperson for the mayor said it wasn’t the first Breed has resided over during her time in office. The mayor has officiated a handful of weddings, he said, including that of Golden State Warriors’ President Rick Welts last January

To be sure, Mayor Breed has never needed to go online to get her minister’s certification, the spokesperson confirmed. Being able to conduct weddings is a privilege that comes with the job.

And with that…onto some more news… 

Quick bits: 

  • 👀 Late last week, the District Attorney’s office said it would not file criminal charges against Mohammed Nuru after a bizarre incident involving the former Public Works director allegedly brandishing a knife and demanding potato chips from a volunteer at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. Nuru’s lawyer maintains that the incident was “a joke, maybe an ill-conceived one, but one that was misinterpreted.” 

    Still, on Monday, the federal judge overseeing Nuru’s ongoing bribery case ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation. “No harm in at least having some type of evaluation,” the judge said. “We don’t want Mr. Nuru to suffer some kind of harm himself.” (East Bay Times

  • 😔 Cobby, the 63-year-old chimpanzee who lived at the San Francisco Zoo since the mid-1960s, passed away this weekend. He was the oldest living chimp across all North American zoos. “Our hearts are broken with this devastating loss,” the head of the San Francisco Zoological Society, Tanya Peterson, said in a statement. “Cobby was both a charismatic and compassionate leader of our chimpanzee troop.” (SFist

  • 🏆 Seventeen-year-old Megha Ganne was in the final group at the Women’s US Open this weekend at San Francisco’s Olympic Club, but her storybook week didn’t end in victory. Instead, it was another teenager, 19-year-old Yuka Saso, who took the crown and became the first Filipino golfer, male or female, to win a major tournament. “I’m just thankful there are so many people in the Philippines cheering for me,” Saso said after her win. “I don’t know how to thank them. They gave me so much energy.” (Chronicle

  • 🌳 Eighteen months and $3.3 million later, the newly modernized Shoreview Park in the Bayview-Hunters Point area opened on Monday morning. “It’s been a long, long battle,” one neighbor and advocate for the park’s renovation told the Chronicle. “But worth it.” (Chronicle

  • 🍫 Last week, Dandelion Chocolate laid off nine of its employees (or, around 40% of its staff), all of whom were involved in unionizing efforts inside the Mission-based chocolate company. Dandelion’s CEO Todd Masonis said on Friday that the layoff decisions were for “purely economic reasons.” Union officials, however, told Mission Local: “This is no accident. It is obvious to us that these actions were taken in order to stop us from exercising our right to form a union.” (Mission Local

  • 🌇 As single-family home prices rose more than 6% in San Francisco during the pandemic, condo prices dropped some 10%. Now, as the Chronicle’s J.K. Dineen reports, demand for condos is soaring back with sales this spring reaching a 16-year high. (Chronicle

And finally… 

The Marin man attempting to kayak from San Francisco to Hawaii is back on land after high winds and rough seas forced him to call it quits six days into his paddle. 

Cyril Derreumaux was rescued by a US Coast Guard helicopter on Saturday night 54 nautical miles west of Santa Cruz. He had been training for the trip for three years. 

“It showed that I wasn’t ready for the conditions,” he told the Chronicle. “But I don’t think it’s a lack of preparation. It’s a lack of experience. In general, nobody knows about crossing the ocean in a kayak.”

I have so many questions for Cyril about his adventure (liiike, what is it like to be in the middle of the ocean in a kayak, alone?), and so I’m super excited that he agreed to a chat with me on Twitter Spaces this Thursday at 6 pm!  

I’d love for you to listen in, and I’ll make sure to save time for audience questions as well. You can set a reminder for yourself to tune into the discussion here. 🛶

That’s all for today! Thanks so much for reading y’all and we’ll see you back here tomorrow! - Nick B. 

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