Booster appointments can now be claimed / Lowell admissions process TBD

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Hey there, San Francisco. 

Booster talk is in the air! I had two conversations with two people today and both times the extra jab came up. 

So what’s the deal? 

Late last week, the California Department of Public Health said anyone over 18 years old was eligible for a booster so long as it had been 6 months since receiving their second Pfizer or Moderna dose. Those who received the Johnson & Johnson shot were only assigned a 2 month wait time. 

Some confusion ensued over how to schedule a booster appointment. But as of Thursday morning, California residents can now go to the state’s My Turn website to book an appointment. Once you enter some information, the site also shows places across the city where you can simply walk in and get your shot.  

Here’s a list of sites in San Francisco as well. 

"We are taking an expansive approach to COVID-19 boosters, realizing that people are at risk of getting COVID or spreading it as we enter the busy holiday season," said San Francisco’s Director of Health Dr. Grant Colfax, who noted a slight uptick in recent cases across the city. 

“We have been stressing that boosters are essential for higher risk individuals,” he said. “But now it's become apparent that we need many more people to receive a booster dose."

And with that...onto some news… 

A Superior Court judge ruled on Thursday that the San Francisco school board’s vote to end merit-based admissions at Lowell High did not follow a state law that requires “comprehensive” meeting agendas to be made public ahead of time, the Chronicle reports. Basically, the judge said, parents and others were not given a proper heads up. 

Still, as the Chronicle writes, the judge “stopped short of requiring the district to reinstate competitive admission, leaving open the possibility the school board could take the same action after giving adequate notice to the public.” 

We should know more within the next 30 days, the Chronicle says. In the meantime, whether admissions at Lowell will be academic or lottery-based moving forward remains TBD. 

Quick bits: 

  • 📚 More school news. On Wednesday, the district announced that it will receive the $123 million collected from the Prop G parcel tax passed in 2018. Previously, that money had been “frozen,” Chronicle reporter Jill Tucker said, while the court decided whether a simple majority vote, rather than a two-thirds vote, was adequate. 

    Tucker writes that “the money is a boon to the cash-strapped district.” (Chronicle

  • 🍿 Jonah Hill is slated to play Jerry Garcia in the upcoming Grateful Dead “biopic.” The film, which is being financed by Apple, will be directed by Martin Scorsese and will hopefully feature some good scenes in the Haight. (Deadline

  • 🎸 Forgive me, but I did not realize that Metallica claims San Francisco as its hometown. Today I learned! Anyways, on Thursday, the metal band announced that it's celebrating its 40th anniversary next month here in San Francisco with two concerts at the Chase Center and various smaller shows at venues across the city. They’re calling it “Metallica San Francisco Takeover,” and yes, it is sponsored by Salesforce. (Datebook

  • 🏙 The SF Business Journal’s Laura Waxmann reports that half of new office space deals (by square footage) in San Francisco this year have been for subleases. The previous high came in 2016 when 38% of new deals involved a company taking over another company’s lease. (SF Business Times

Food and drink news: 

  • 🍸 A new cocktail bar named Madrigal is opening in early December at 100 Van Ness Ave, where the restaurant Corridor previously stood. Besides fancy drinks, there will also be a good-sized food menu complete with a duck patty smashburger. (Chronicle

  • ☕️ La Lucha, a coffee window and cafe which operates during the day out of Thee Parkside bar in Potrero, has opened up another location in Noe Valley. News of the second La Lucha shop (at the corner of 29th and Sanchez) was first reported by Tablehopper in October and its opening was confirmed today on Twitter.

What else I’m reading: 

‘You don’t mess with him’: How an S.F. housing advocate wields power by funding ballot measures (Chronicle

Election Season Kickoff: The Race for SF’s Assembly District 17 (SF Standard

San Francisco’s bike sharing program reckons with an uncertain future (Examiner

How can one man track down more than 1,000 turkeys in a week? (Mission Local

And finally… 

Thank you Reddit for surfacing this 2011 video from San Francisco cooking instructor Mary Risley entitled “Just Put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven.” 

It’s hilarious and should give you some food-for-thought heading into your holiday cooking. 

“In forty years of being a culinary professional, I’ve seen people try everything with a turkey,” Risley said. “It’s still never any good. It’s just turkey!” 

Risley, who calls herself “Tante Marie” (or “Aunt Mary” in French), suggests simply putting butter, salt, and pepper on your turkey and sticking it in the oven. 

“Here’s what you need to make your turkey taste better,” Risley said. “You need gravy, cranberry, and pinot noir.” 

LOL. Yes! 

I caught up with Risley on Thursday and while she still resides in San Francisco, she’s no longer teaching cooking classes or making videos. 

“I’m 80 years old and if one more person asks me where the vegetable peelers are I’m gonna throw myself out the window,” she laughed. 

You can still access all her recipes and videos online, however. 

And after a decade, she confirmed that she’s still sticking to her claim: Turkey sucks! 

That’s all for today! And it’s been a day. Just about 30 minutes ago, I realized it's Thursday, which means I should have put out a Weekend Guide. Instead of rushing, I’ll plan to publish it tomorrow. I’m sorry for that mistake! And hopefully tomorrow’s Weekend Guide will be well worth the wait.

Alright, have a good night y’all and see you back here tomorrow. - Nick B.

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