Board pledges to return all students by fall / School renaming plan reversed, for now

It's Wednesday, April 7th.

Hey there, San Francisco. 

Some six hours into their meeting on Tuesday, the Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of a pledge to bring all SFUSD students back to the classroom, 5 days a week, by the start of the next school year in August. 

The resolution, which was penned by school board member Jenny Lam, comes after public schools in San Francisco have been closed to in-person learning for over a year. Pre-K and elementary schools will begin opening on April 12, but before Tuesday, there had been no return commitments for middle and high school students. 

"I'm honestly here to just ask the Board of Education to pull it together,” one high school senior said over Zoom on Tuesday. “Like, please."

Later in the evening, the board also voted to reverse its plan to rename roughly one-third of San Francisco’s public schools. That decision mostly resulted from a lawsuit that said the board had violated proper procedures when originally voting on the matter. 

Tuesday’s resolution, which passed unanimously, promised to revisit the renaming issue “only after all students have returned to in-person learning for five full days each week.”

And with that, onto some more news… 

At a separate meeting on Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted on a more permanent “right to re-employment” for some workers in San Francisco who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

The ordinance, if passed by Mayor Breed, would require certain employers (including grocery stores over 15,000 square feet, large hotels, and restaurants that employ over 200 people) to offer workers their jobs back if they begin hiring again for the same or similar role. 

Supervisors voted 10-1 in favor of the legislation, with Catherine Stefani casting the only opposing vote. “I remain concerned that this legislation negatively impacts women,” Stefani told the Chronicle. “Given that this benefits employees with longest tenure, it likely provides a greater advantage for men over women.” 

Quick bits:

  • 😔 Almost one month after a Danville police officer fatally shot 33-year-old Tyrell Wilson, video footage of the incident has surfaced. On Tuesday, Wilson’s family announced that they have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city. (Chronicle

  • 👀 An 18-year-old Filipino man was sitting outside a bar this weekend and waiting for his parents to pick up Golden Boy Pizza when he was told by the bar’s owner that he had to move. When he refused, a patron reportedly intervened and struck the teen in the face. Allegedly, that patron was a retired San Francisco heavyweight boxer who was once known as the “Pride of the Sunset.” (SFist

  • 🏀 Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo did not play, but the Warriors still had an impressive game on Tuesday, overcoming a 10 point deficit with less than four minutes left to win 122-121. The Warriors have a 24-27 record on the season and currently sit in 10th place in the Western Conference. (Yahoo)

  • 🍜 San Francisco Restaurant Week kicks off on Friday, which means 150 restaurants from around the city will offer exciting (and sometimes discounted) prix-fixe meals. There’s a lot to comb through, so this guide that Eater put together might be a good place to start. (Eater

And finally… I liked this piece by the Bold Italic’s Matt Charnock who dreamed of downsizing and one day living in a tiny home that he could wheel around to National Parks. But with rent’s dropping in San Francisco, he was able to find a comparable living situation in the city that he could afford—a 160 square foot “micro apartment” for $1050. 

Charnock’s apartment is technically an SRO (single room occupancy) and so he shares a bathroom with his two neighbors. But, based on certain longstanding maintenance agreements, the bathroom is cleaned twice a day by a janitorial staff, which he said, “is more often than I’ve ever cleaned any bathroom in my life.”

Here’s Charnock on small-space living: 

You quickly realize retractable measurement tapes become secondary appendages. That Murphy beds are a godsend. That a quality bistro table set on casters can double as a mobile meal preparation and dining area. That at just an inch thick, Samsung’s Frame TVs are, in fact, worth every fucking penny. That vertical storage is your best friend — and horizontal clutter is your gravest foe.

I also like what his mom had to say when he signed the lease: “You got your own tiny house—it’s just in a building.”

That’s all for today! Thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you tomorrow. - Nick B. 

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