Bar Alliance takes a stand on vaccine mandate / Mandelman to push for fourplexes

It's Monday, July 26.

Hey there, San Francisco. 

On Monday, the SF Bar Owner Alliance, which represents over 500 bar owners in the city, released a statement that effective this Thursday, customers at participating establishments must show proof of vaccination (or a negative Covid test taken within the past 72 hours) to be allowed inside. 

The alliance said the decision was meant to protect its workers and customers. It also hoped to “influence” those who are unvaccinated to get the shot “as soon as they are able.” 

“We understand that the only way society (and our businesses) can ever return to true normalcy is through higher rates of vaccinations among our residents,” the statement read. 

On Twitter, Mayor London Breed praised the move by the Bar Owner Alliance, calling it a “responsible decision.”

It comes as the number of new Covid cases in San Francisco has risen to 118 per day, up from 10 per day in mid-June (when the city lifted mask restrictions). Which is scary stuff. But it is interesting to see how these vaccine mandates are playing out on a local, state, and federal level.

I also thought this was a good thread by Dr. Bob Wachter, UCSF’s department of medicine chair. 

It’s worth a read in full, but in a nutshell: Even at 70% of all San Francisco residents vaccinated, we still haven’t reached a local herd immunity. That’s “sobering,” Wachter said, and “time for vaccine mandates – nothing else gets us where we need to go.”

And with that… onto some more news… 

On Tuesday, in an effort to increase housing units in the city, Supervisor Rafael Mandelman will introduce legislation that would allow fourplexes to be built on lots currently zoned for single-family homes. “We’re going to have to make much bigger moves than this to address our housing shortage,” Mandelman told the Chronicle, regarding his upcoming housing bill. “But this is a meaningful step.” 

Quick bits: 

  • 🌉 “The San Francisco exodus is over,” according to the Chronicle, which looked at USPS change of address data to find migration numbers out of the city have shrunk in recent months. (Chronicle)

  • 💵 Maurice Caldwell, who was wrongfully accused of murder in 1991 and spent 20 years in prison, has reached a settlement with the city of San Francisco for $8 million. (48 Hills

  • 💊 Narcan, which is used to save people from opioid drug overdoses, was administered over 4,200 times already in San Francisco in the first six months of 2021. For the entire year of 2020, Narcan was used 4,300 times. (Chronicle

  • 🎸 On Friday, July 16, the San Francisco punk band Pork Belly held a 100-person concert in the cave near Sutro Baths. Apparently, the “cave” has been a “whispered-about spot for raves and rock concerts” for some time, SFGate contributor Daniel Bromfield writes, partly because “it’s almost impossible to hear anything from outside the tunnel.” (SF Gate

  • 🍽 Birch & Rye, a “contemporary Russian restaurant” is set to open in Noe Valley this fall, the Chronicle reports. “The kind of dishes I grew up with were very traditional...very heavy and not uniquely seasonal,” said founder Anya El-Wattar, who grew up in Moscow. “I love the California interpretation of local, seasonal, fresh food. I thought, if I can find a way to marry the two, that would be my perfect restaurant.” (Chronicle

And finally… 

Last week, the New York Times released a powerful, short film called “What You’ll Remember” about a Bay Area family with four children living out of their car and struggling to find a permanent place to live. 

“Though they’ve always worked, the [the family] faced unprecedented and rapidly rising housing costs and the challenges of building good credit and job insecurity,” filmmaker Erika Cohn writes. “They faced a life many Americans can’t imagine, but they always believed that together they could create a home for their family — with or without a house.” 

If you have 10-minutes or so, it’s worth a watch.

That’s all for today! Thanks so much for reading y’all and we’ll see you back here tomorrow. - Nick B.

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